Sunday, December 30, 2007

What a week!

I am so behind on my blogging. I had two sessions before Christmas that are yet to have their "sneak peak" on my blog, although I did get their online galleries to them before the holiday. I just got back from spending 5 days in North Carolina. Owen and I left early the day after Christmas and Lenny joined us on Friday. There are really no words to describe what they holidays are like at my Grandparents' house. It was only a few years ago that almost our whole entire family lived here in South Florida, but over the past few years it seems that everyone has made the move. Most to the western North Carolina/South Carolina area, but also to Virginia, Pennsylvania, and even just to northern places here in Florida. Family get togethers now are something movies are made of. 18 people of all ages staying in a big beautiful house in a beautiful location. Really, you just have to group singing karaoke in the living room, while others are rocking out Guitar Hero in the family room, to later everyone playing a massive game of "Cranium Pop Culture Edition." Big breakfasts (bacon every morning), big lunches (roasting hotdogs in the outside fireplace), big dinners (spaghetti anyone???...). Lots of hugging, and laughing. It really is amazing. I am so blessed to know this. Soooooo.....I'm exhausted, Owen's asleep, and Lenny is still playing Guitar Hero!!

So as promised here are some sneak peaks from the two families I photographed the week before Christmas! What makes these two sessions so unique are the fact that they are families themselves. Two sets of cousins! Their mothers are sisters! I'm sure their Christmas is one for the storybooks too. There's nothing quite like the fun when cousins get together!

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