Monday, December 31, 2007

North Carolina

So while in North Carolina I got to take some pictures of my sisters and cousins. It felt good to focus on my family, being that I focus on everyone else's.

This one is hands down my favorite!

Miss Em

Em looked at the photographs with me after they were taken and said, "Wow, I could be an Abercrombie model." Now of course she has her parents to thank for that, but I still felt that it was quite a compliment.

These two are also favorites!

It really meant alot to be able to take these photographs and give them to mfa (my favorite aunt!!!).


Mallory Colliflower said...

lovely...but wheres the sisterly love?

collifish said...

The pictures are great... Thanks so much! It was great seeing you and EVERYBODY!!! Now go put some pictures of your beautiful sisters up there:)

Love you.

GLC said...


Donna Boucher said...

I love the lighting and the focus in this set, court.

Tell Em, her mom would probably prefer the shots you you have more clothes on her than the Abercrombie models :o)

he he