Monday, December 10, 2007

I Won a Contest!!!!

I just wanted to share this.....I won a photo contest. A small one at that, but I did win. Flickr is a photo site. A great community of photographers that share photos, ideas, and knowledge. A group that I'm a member of decided to choose a new icon photo. All members of that group were able to contribute a photo to be voted on. I entered the photo of Owen's reflection in the green metal table. I WON!!! It really is an honor especially since I won by a vote of my peers.

If you cut and paste the above link, you'll see my winning photo. It's the icon for the "Photographic Techniques: Children & Babies" discussion group!


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Donna Boucher said...

Good for you! You deserve it!
Yay Courtney!

It's a beautiful image.

collifish said...