Friday, February 22, 2008

Brotherly Love!!!

I'm at a point right now where I'm really digging color, but I just thought these screamed black and white! This little guy is 4 1/2 months old. We're going to become great friends after I see him again at 6,8,10, & 12 Months! There are two boys in this family and they are BOTH BEE-U-T-FUL!!





I love the way baby brother is looking up and big brother. He'll be looking at him like that forever!!!

A Day at the Beach!

I can't even begin to describe the personalities of the kiddos I photographed the other day! Big "M" (as opposed to little "M") had more personality and such an awesome sense of humor. It's not too often that you can describe a six year old as having an awesome "sense of humor." "Funny" maybe, but "sense of humor" not very often! Very very dynamic! But we had a great time. They family was up for anything, which makes my job a breeze!! Thank you!!!!

Love the colors here! The fact that it was overcast made the light nice, although I just wish it the sky hadn't been so gray!

He really loved to "pose"!

This was a game of "peekaboo" Running from one side of the lifeguard stand to the other!


This kid's going to grow up and be the super smart kid in high school, with a million friends because he's so funny! "Most likely to succeed & Most popular!" But one of those smart/intellectual funny guys!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here She Comes.....Miss Miami...

I bet you can't guess which one of these beauties is a contestant in the Miss Miami pageant come this March!! All three women are spellbindingly beautiful! I just wish I was able to attend the pageant. How exciting!


Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Morning in the life of....

I have to say that I was really looking forward to this shoot. I've heard about photographers doing "A Day in the Life" sessions and I've always been pretty interested. They really play into the whole "candid" thing. Well I didn't spend a day with this family, just the morning! We played outside, inside, and then in the bath. Yes, I got in the tub! The only thing missing was breakfast!

Anyone interested in a whole "Day in the Life" session? Maybe complete with a coffee table book?! Food for thought! Could be fun!!!!!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Can you feel the love?!

I am so behind with my posting! It seems that this is the thing that I slack on when things start to get a little hectic! I photographed this family on Sunday, at my new favorite location Dania Beach/Pier. They were so genuinely fun and loving. I had to give very little direction (which I don't always feel comfortable doing anyway!), they were great! Mom just called me today because she's going out of town for the weekend. I hope she gets this sneak peak before she leaves!!!! I promise you'll have your full set, color/bw when you get back! I've seen all the photos and I'm very proud of this set!

How awesome is this shot??!!





Sunday, February 10, 2008


I've been friends with my oldest friend since I was 9. So that makes it 22 years. We've grown up together, gone to school together, went away to college, stood by eachother on wedding days, and now our kids are 5 weeks apart. Our kids are friends. Best Friends! If they don't get married (hehe) I hope that they too can look back over their years of friendship and be eachother's oldest friend. I was able to photograph children who will hopefully grow up to be each other's oldest friends. Their daddy's grew up together and now these 4 kiddos are the best of buds!!!






Thursday, February 7, 2008

America's Next Top Model!!!

Ok, now I know I've used this title before, but this time it's different!!! America's Next Top Model is OWEN!!!!!!!! He had his first modeling job today. A national Macy's campaign. Now the thing that really blew this out of the water is the studio was full of major league baseball players! Owen was photographed with Tom Glavine. Not that I ever would be able to recognize any of the guys who were there today, but I definitely recognized their names, and knew that Lenny would have just died had he been there with me. The studio is just what I imagined a real photography studio to be like. Loud music blaring, people running around, some just sitting back and watching. It was really crazy! And Owen worked it like a champ. We we're there for 3 hours, and he "worked" for maybe 10 minutes. He really got his cute out and the photographs were amazing. Before we left, the photographer and his assistant indulged me as Owen's mom and showed me all the images on their HUGE Mac monitor. They printed one out for me! Here's a picture of the picture!! I'm one proud momma!!!!

Owen and Tom

One Young Circle!!!!

I am extremely late in getting this posted!!!! My apologies to mom! hehe This is the second session where I've photographed at a completely new location and am totally in love with it! I love the new Hollywood Arts Park!! It has a little bit for everyone. Great greenery, an urban very modern building, and a cool water feature for the little ones to play in! Now for this shoot I tried to put an urban spin on it. These two girls are ultra chic!!




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