Thursday, February 7, 2008

America's Next Top Model!!!

Ok, now I know I've used this title before, but this time it's different!!! America's Next Top Model is OWEN!!!!!!!! He had his first modeling job today. A national Macy's campaign. Now the thing that really blew this out of the water is the studio was full of major league baseball players! Owen was photographed with Tom Glavine. Not that I ever would be able to recognize any of the guys who were there today, but I definitely recognized their names, and knew that Lenny would have just died had he been there with me. The studio is just what I imagined a real photography studio to be like. Loud music blaring, people running around, some just sitting back and watching. It was really crazy! And Owen worked it like a champ. We we're there for 3 hours, and he "worked" for maybe 10 minutes. He really got his cute out and the photographs were amazing. Before we left, the photographer and his assistant indulged me as Owen's mom and showed me all the images on their HUGE Mac monitor. They printed one out for me! Here's a picture of the picture!! I'm one proud momma!!!!

Owen and Tom

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Donna Boucher said...

Thank you Courtney for sharing the whole story!

I was really wondering about this photoshoot!!! I am so sad to hear your husband wasn't there!

Is Owen with an agency?
Was it cool to watch the photographers set everything up?

Did they talk to Owen a lot.
Did you need to hide out of the way a little?

I can't wait to look for Owen's picture as Father's Day nears!!!

How wonderful!