Saturday, December 20, 2008

From the very get go I just clicked with this family. We shot at Hugh Goldman Birch State Park, which they had been to a few weeks ago, and they knew all the spots that they wanted to shoot in. A family with a vision makes my job 100% easier. It really was a collaborative effort. Even little "D" was full of ideas!!

It was so hard to pick a few to share. Between the gorgeous family, awesome new locale, and the sunflare I couldn't just pick one..or two...or three...

Playing around with some vintage looks...


Mom and Dad are super smokin'


Love her eyes in this one! I can see myself! (anyone have any tricks for photoshopping goldfish crackers? haha)

Little J had a mind of his own. Much more interested in chasing me than participating in family pictures. Oh to be 18 months!


At the end of the session something was a little stinky! "D" decided that I was the culprit! haha

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