Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm a week or so out from having baby #2 and already she has second child syndrome. I had not one belly pic! When I was pregnant with Owen my husband would dutifully photograph my belly each week as I held up a sign that specifically stated how far along I was. Not for this one. But that has now changed! My sister came over this morning and had a mini belly session for me. I think once the baby is born, we should go into business together! I love these pictures!







Freckle Face Photography said...

You look stunning Courtney!!!That first B&W id to die for!!! Can't wait to hear of your new arrival! Hope everything goes smoothly!

Green Peas Photography said...

just stopped by to see if you had the baby yet and saw these beautiful photos of you Courtney! Best of luck for a happy & healthy delivery!