Monday, April 21, 2008

Three's Company!!!

As I'm writing this last and final blog post for my weekend sessions, I realize that I have a connection with all of three of my clients. Saturday morning: the little boy lives around the corner, he plays with Owen at the park, and both his mom and I are members of the Hollywood Women's Club. Saturday evening: Met mom at Mommy and Me when both are kids were 6 weeks old, and that leaves me at Sunday morning: The "W" family. A set of twins and an older brother. All three kids go to the school I used to teach at. In fact, the younger of the two boys, "T" was in my class the year I had Owen. I was his first grade teacher for about three months. I happened to run into mom at the Haircut Hangout one Saturday.....and the rest is history!!!

We all had such a great time Sunday morning. Besides the normal sibling squabbles you can really tell there is such an air of love that surrounds that family!!

Mom, I'm kicking myself for not taking photos of your kids wrapped up in all those wonderful quilts!!!

The twins are having their first communion next weekend! I love this shot! A favorite of mine!







Donna Boucher said...

Oh Courtney! How wonderful for you! I am so happy for you ....and for your clients!!!

You did a fantastic job with all of your shoots!

Really Courtney!!!

I have to find some folks who live in my state who want pictures taken!

Not that I'm tired of taking Katie's picture....

Carol said...

You are ROCKIN' your shoots!!! These last 3 were AWESOME!!!!