Thursday, July 10, 2008


I lost my phone this morning at the beach. It might have even been stolen! According to the lady at Sprint this evening, there has been some suspicious internet usage, so I've had them temporarily shut down the phone so I'm not responsible for any downloads or crazy international phone calls! Sooooo.....if you've been trying to reach me via phone, I'm temporarily unavailable! Although maybe this is a blessing in disguise! The new iphone comes out tomorrow! I might just have to make the switch! I'm very tempted!

Here's a photo of my one and only! Just up from his nap! Notice the Nikes! He wanted to sleep in them!



Julie said...

I LOVE this photo! Adorable! And I love all the colors!

Mallory Colliflower said...

I would have to argue that now, he isn't exactly your one and only!