Monday, March 3, 2008

Boys will be Boys!

My husband and I have both said that we hope, when we do have our next child, that it's a girl. I don't think I could give you a definitive reason why, except that we want one, and because of the shopping!!!!!! Any mother of a boy knows that every children's section is 1/4 boys and 3/4 girls, and the girls clothes are so FREAKIN' cute!!! (Not that my husband and I have any problem spending money on our son's clothes and shoes! Have I mentioned that we all have matching pairs of white converse sneakers?? Now that's something to take a picture of!)
Anyway, I digress, I think my whole outlook on the girl thing has changed after yesterday. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with three brothers; four, eight, and eleven. Watching how they interacted with eachother, and watching how their mother interacted with them, I thought there really must be something to be said for having all boys. I asked mom, "did you ever think you'd be the mom to 3 boys?" She said, "no." But that there was nothing like it. And you know what? I totally believe it. Besides there's no stronger position as being the only woman in the house! :)

"E" told his mom that he wanted to get his hair wet, so he went and stuck his head in the pool!!! Gotta love the low maintence!!


I love the way the middle one is looking at me here! So super cool!




Bring on the family of boys! We're ready!


Donna Boucher said...

I thought I must have girls. I am from a family of six girls. I was never comfortable with boys, at all.

But my first boy changed all that.

I adored him with all my being.

Then I was all set to have a brother for him. And that was so perfect. They are best friends.

Emma came along and made my mommy dreams come true.
Who knew we would have our 4th ten years later. :o)

And well, you know...she is the light of my life.

Ah parenthood.

It's wonderful how ever it turns out :o)

Donna Boucher said...

Dang. I just re-read my comment and it is making me cry.

Heidi said...

There really *is* something about being a mom of all boys. I thought I wanted a girl when baby #3 came along. But now I can't imagine life without Leif. All 3 of my boys are super-physical and outgoing. They are so close and love to wrestle and play together. I know that will only increase over the years. I think I might have felt sorry for a girl in a house with my other boys. If we stopped there, would she miss having a sister? Would she be too spoiled? Would she get left in the dust? I know much of that is a matter of personality. But I am so very happy with 3 little boys. People ask me if I plan on trying for a girl. I don't think I want to throw off our rhythm. :)

Gorgeous pictures. I wish you lived close enough to take photos of my boys.