Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Website #2

Ok, now my website is officially up and running. Yesterday, was only a test run. In fact, my designer/webmaster/sister did a fabulous job all while learning how to use Flash. And yes, I would consider it a very flashy website! Sooooooo.......if you are looking for someone to not only design but build a website for you then Mallory would be the one. Grab her now before she gets very expensive. Right now Mallory's still at UF, so you might be able to pay her in six packs and target gift cards, but in May you better get ready to write those big checks!!



Lesa Colliflower said...

Mall and Courtney you make me very proud. I pull up the website at random to listen to the music and admire the photos, especially the ones of Owen. He is quite a guy!!!

love you, goodluck

Lesa Colliflower said...

not only do I have talented daughters, I also get a wonderfully gorgeous grandson. NOT BECAUSE he is my gandson,but he truly is too cute and his personality is fabulous. My animated joy!!

Mall, you did a great job. Now everyone is going to want your services.

Katie said...

I love the website Courtney!!!! It is such an honor to see the beautiful pictures you took of Brayden on your site. I wish you all the best!!!