Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm so proud of these pictures for many reasons. First, I feel I did a pretty good job, and second, because they're for someone who I truly care about. I met Judea on the first day of school in fifth grade. We were both at a new school that year. We became the best of friends. We were BFF. We went to the same middle and high school. As we got older in school, we grew apart, and made new friends. I saw her again at our ten year reunion. She flew all the way down here from New York for only 24 hours to go to the reunion. Now she lives in California, right outside of San Francisco, with her husband and two GORGEOUS children. She's here on vacation! She contacted me on Facebook (gotta love Facebook) and asked me to photograph her family while here. I can't even begin to tell you how much this session meant to me. I wanted to give her something something that I could really be proud of. My best work. Her family is beautiful and I'm so honored and proud that she asked me to capture them.

I love you!

i think this is my new favorite picture EVER!

Her kids were very good sports, although there were probably a hundred more things they would rather be doing than having their picture taken.








katbphotos said...

courtney you did so awesome! love love love everything about this session and that first one looks like it should be in a magazine.

LifeFocus Photography said...

Gorgeous family! And georgeous portraits! Was great to meet you yesterday. :)