Monday, March 16, 2009

shuster1 copy

Meet the Shusters! Actually, you've met them before......a few times. I'm trying to think how many's been a few. Anyway, check this out.....they have three children. A five year old, and a set of two year old twin boys......and the best part......all born on the same day!!! That's heard it.....all born on the same day.......soooooo, it would only be fitting that mom and dad throw the best birthday parties ever!!

This is little Miss "R". A friend of mine wanted to take her to get a manicure for her birthday, but she didn't want to wait for her nails to dry. (I don't blame her, waiting for your nails to dry is a real bummer!)

The twins....

Who has family pics in a bounce house?.........The Shusters do!!!
shuster4 copy

If I knew who made the cakes I'd show her some love...........ALOT of love, they were pretty delish! All four of them! :)

Some of the party animals...





Mom and Dad are truly blessed with three such remarkable kids! Even at the end of a crazy party, they still have a smile on their face!


marcia j photography said...

Wonderful pics as usual! I love your work!!

Brandy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! So bright, and colorful and FUN!

Donna Boucher said...

LOVE this session!!!

And your great blog about it!!!

plantgirl said...

We are throwing our son a "you kicked cancer" party in June, he's 2 and his sister will just have turned 4. We always planned to get a bounce house. Now I am thinking I need to plan to book a photographer because I want to be in some of the pictures too! Did you try any of the family jumping in the bounce house?