Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Owen Got a Haircut

I've been really holding off on this haircut. Owen has beautiful blond curly hair that is soft and sweet in the front and a tangled, matted, course mess in the back. When he wakes up the in the morning it's almost like he has one giant flat dreadlock back there. Soooooo.....we went to our favorite kids haircut salon, The Haircut Hangout, and let Denni cut his hair. He looks cherubic again. Plus, The Haircut Hangout is just soooo cool!

Watching "Thomas"



One of the coolest things is that Denni has allowed me to display my work. I have three canvases hanging in her salon!


It's a bit blurry, but that smile just melts me!

Coolest toys and such! I would've taken more pictures of Denni's wares, except by the end of the visit I had a screaming baby to contend with!




Donna Boucher said...

Yes! I need to see bigger pictures of your beautiful little Stella!!! She is so pretty!
Love the picture of the salon!!!
Great canvas!!!!

katbphotos said...

OMG! that is the coolest place? That might be worth the drive next time Tookster needs one. Is it in da wood?

Anonymous said...

That place looks great and your kids are adorable! What a fun place to get a haircut!!!

Anonymous said...

We take Cliffie to Jellybeans. He HATES it. He has never had a haircut where he hasn't screamed bloody murder. Often he says, "No Jellybeans". When we are driving around and he sees it, he throws a fit. I'm so jealous Owen behaves.