Monday, September 15, 2008

Guitar Hero......

Like I said in my previous post, I've really been neglecting my blog lately! We've really been busy here in our little house. First of all, our house is for sale. (Anyone looking for a charming 3/2 with all the bells and whistles in an awesome neighborhood??) Owen has also settled into his new room, and has had two successful weeks in his new "big boy bed." (pictures to come...) We've decided on a rock-n-roll theme. Anyone who has been around Owen in the last few weeks knows how much he "loves rock-n-roll" and "bitars". We figure it's never too early to put a guitar in his hand. How old was Tiger when they first handed him a golf club? hehe His grandaddy bought him his first guitar, really a ukelele. Owen loves to watch himself hold and play it!

I love this photo. You can really see the focus and concentration in his eyes! I love this little guy!!!

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Green Peas Photography said...

Courtney that's too funny - I bought my son a ukelele about 2 months ago and he hasn't put the thing down since (I think Aidan & Owen are just a few weeks apart) - he loves to rock out all day - I agree - it's never too young!

Hope you're feeling well - good luck with the house sale!