Monday, June 9, 2008

A Family Affair...

I photographed this mom and kids back in February. This mom had such a great time she had to come back and bring her two sisters, two nephews, niece, and her parents! It was definitely a mini reunion.


If you were put in a room with a hundred women and were told to pick out the three sisters and their mom, you'd be able to complete the task in 30 seconds. They all looked very much alike and were all stunning!


Some random kidness!!





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Donna Boucher said...

Oh Courtney,
you don't know how this shoot has given me hope and been an inspriation!!!! You know I have the family of eight in two weeks....and yours turned out so well!!! I can only hope to do as well..
Love this fresh, fabulous, and fun set of pictures!!!


You know your WB helper....which on exactly(size) do you have???
I think I am going to buy one and learn how to use it.