Friday, November 9, 2007


I was inspired by a friend today who decided to go back and proof some photographs of her older daughter, that we're taken a few months ago. It made me think of all the photographs I take of my own family everyday that just sit in files on my hard drive. They're neatly organized into months and events, but none the less, they jus sit there. So here's one I pulled out. The reason I had to pull it out was the file is on my desktop. I needed the file for an ad that I was placing in the yearbook of the high school my mom works at. Which happens to be my alma mater as well. This is the second ad I've placed. The first being the directory of the Hollywood Women's Club of which I'm an active member.
Ok, so here it of my favorites!

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Donna Boucher said...


You picked an adorable shot. Look at that green color!

Have you noticed an increase in business due to your print ads?
Do you have business cards?
Do you hand those out?

Are you reading the Blu Domain blog interviews?

I am really enjoying them!